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Podcast: Ted Forbes – ‘Color Theory in Photography’

I’ve been a fan of Ted Forbes’ ‘The Art of Photography’ podcasts for a while now and dip in and out of them to follow up ideas that I’m working on.  This one, episode 138 in the series, looks at colour theory in photography.  It is narrated by Ted Forbes who talks about the deliberate use of composing using colour in photographs and the values of planning, of making a conscious attempt to make colour a successful part of the composition and introduces a useful internet tool from Adobe – a colour scheme generator using an online RGB colour wheel which allows you to try out, create and save different colour schemes.

In the latter part of the podcast he looks at the colour work of three photographers , each with differing styles – William Eggleston, Saul Leiter and Luigi Ghirri.

I found this a very useful podcast when seeking to learn more about colour; definitely worth a look.



Video: Pete Turner – ‘Empowered by Color’

Whilst researching colour for the third part of the course I looked at the work of the photographer Pete Turner and came across this short video in the Epsom Video Library.  The video shows Pete Turner’s exhibition ‘Empowered by Color’ at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York.  It is introduced by Anthony Bannon, Director of George Eastman House and begins with a short narration about George Eastman House and how it came to be established as a museum of film and photography.  The video then goes on to show Turner’s work and includes a commentary by Turner where he discusses some of his images and how they came about.  Turner finishes with a short piece about the setting up of  his work in the exhibition and his use of Epson printers and inks (well, it is an Epson video).

Video: Hélène Binet – ‘Composing Space’

Whilst researching the photographer Hélène Binet I came across this video on YouTube showing a lecture that she gave to the Harvard Graduate School of Design in March 2012 discussing her then recently-published book ‘Composing Space’.  I’ve written a little about the lecture in my post here, but the video is well worth watching (maybe in chunks as it is over an hour and a half long!) as it really gives an insight into Binet, how she approaches her work, her feelings and emotions towards her camera and subject as well as discussing her trademark use of light and shadow.

The video is introduced by Mohsen Mostafavi, Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, who also curated the Nicholas Hawksmoor exhibition at Somerset House in spring 2013 (photographs by Binet and reviewed here).  Binet’s lecture itself begins at 05.34 mins into the video.