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Assignment 5 – tutor feedback

I received my feedback on my fifth assignment from my tutor a couple of weeks ago and I was again very pleased with his comments.  I will now highlight below the salient points from his report and provide my thoughts.

My blog post and images for Assignment 5 can be found here.

I had major concerns about this assignment on two counts; firstly that my lack of graphic design skills would let me down badly when presenting the assignment and secondly that my images would not convey the passion, expression and emotion that I felt when shooting and which were at the heart of my narrative to the viewer.  My tutor’s initial comments allayed my fears on both counts:

‘You have demonstrated your ability with your technical and visual skills in this assignment. You have also shown consistency in your presentation and communication of your ideas. You have pointed out your lack of experience in producing graphic design layout but your assignment does show a sense of ordered presentation that is clear and easy to follow….  You have created a passion for documenting this episode that is mixed with emotion and desolation of the area that clearly encouraged you to record this subject in Suffolk’.

Overall I felt that the feedback was very positive.  I won’t discuss my tutor’s notes on each image here in detail but will comment where he has made salient points.

Whilst he liked my cover image  – ‘It is indeed a strong statement to begin the story.  The image is eye-catching and invites the reader to turn the pages’  – he felt that the page could be improved by adding the date and the author’s name and we exchanged some email correspondence on possible embellishments.

_DS21595-Edit sRGB 1000-2

Cover page as submitted

I agree with this feedback and will make the suggested changes before submitting for assessment.

He also commented favourably on my second image; he felt that the cover page linked to it nicely, covering the old and new buildings, and he also remarked on the lighting, commenting on how the sunlight has accented the new build whilst the neglected buildings match the sombre sky.

_DS21325-Edit sRGB 1000

As I have written about in previous posts I became emotionally involved with this project which grew far beyond my initial planning. I was therefore gratified to see that my tutor, as a detached reader of my photo essay, could feel the expression that I was trying to convey: ‘I believe that your pictures have given the reader much thought and certainly impressed a sense of urgency to move things forward.  This was a good theme to have chosen and the illustration and narrative have come over strongly’.

Sketchbooks/Learning Logs:

My tutor commented favourably on the layout of my blog and also took the time to look at some of my exercises for this part of the course.

Formal Assessment:

‘I understand your aim is to go for the Photography Degree and that you plan to submit your work for assessment at the end of this course.  From the work you have shown in this assignment, I believe you have the potential to succeed at assessment’.

It is nice to see that I’m still on track to hopefully pass TAOP when I submit my work for formal assessment.


I am really pleased with the feedback to this assignment.  Of the assignments that I have submitted so far, this was the one that I connected with and enjoyed the most and I was happy with all my images.  It was therefore gratifying to read that my tutor thought that ‘The assignment shows an imaginative and thoughtful approach to the task, which displays a personal voice’.  I have been looking for this elusive ‘personal voice’ for a while, without  completely understanding what it was and how it differed from ‘personal style’ so my tutor’s comment in this regard really made my day.  Having now found it, I feel that I finally understand it and I must take care not to mislay it.

My next task is to prepare for assessment in November and my tutor has provided some helpful tips with regards to the submission of my work.