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Assignment five – amendments

My final assignment for ‘The Art of Photography’ course was well-received by my tutor and I was pleased that he felt my work displayed a personal voice. He did however feel that I could improve my cover image by adding some embellishments to the text.  Bearing in mind that my graphic design skills are pretty close to zero this did not come as a great surprise.

My original submission for Assignment Five (Applying the techniques of illustration and narrative) can be found here.


_DS21595-Edit sRGB 1000-2

Original image

The suggestions made by my tutor were to include the date on the cover and also my name. Whilst making these amendments I also increased the size of the text at the bottom left and lightened the colour.  Whilst I am aware that these improvements will not win me any prizes for graphic design I feel that the cover is now more attractive and eye-catching to a potential reader / purchaser of the magazine.


Amended image