Assignment one – amendments

My tutor was very positive in his feedback for my first assignment, however there were three images where he felt improvements could be made and he provided with me with constructive comments on these.

My original submission for Assignment One (Contrasts) can be found here.

The first pair that I chose to demonstrate was ‘continuous / intermittent’ and my tutor suggested improvements to both images.


My tutor commented that whilst he liked the composition and concept of this image, the camera settings I had used (180mm, f/10) had only focussed on the front bicycle wheel and he gave me some advice as to how to have more of the image in focus. I must admit that I had tried to be creative on the focussing front with this photograph (and also with my ‘intermittent’ image), throwing a lot of the image deliberately out of focus, but I took on board his comments and realised that I can be too smart for my own good sometimes.

Picture 1 a) continuous

Original ‘continuous’

As I liked the concept of my original image I returned to the same Boris Bike docking station (it’s reasonably easy to take photographs there without either getting run over or being in the way of pedestrians) and re-shot the image, using my tutor’s advice to have a small aperture setting and to focus on the midway point. I was pleased with the outcome and consider it to be an improvement on the original image.

Picture_1_a)_continuous (replacement)

Replacement ‘continuous’


As with ‘continuous’ my tutor liked the composition and concept of this image but had the same thoughts regarding the lack of overall focus. I had tried to be creative on the focussing front with this image also but took on board his comments.

Picture 1 b) intermittent

Original  ‘intermittent’

I went back to the docking station to retake the image however, as for my original shot, it took a while to find the opportunity when there were spaces in the rack. This time I had my tripod with me, which made life easier, and I was able to re-shoot the image using a smaller aperture and a mid-way focus point.  Again I can see a definite improvement on the original.

Picture_1_b)_intermittent (replacement)

Replacement ‘intermittent’


Another image that my tutor felt could be improved was ‘rough ’ (from the pair ‘rough / smooth’). I had commented in my submission that I wished I had been able to use a tripod so that the camera was a fraction higher and my tutor agreed with this comment, also saying that he would preferred to have seen more in focus, referring me back to his earlier comments on settings concerning my ‘continuous / intermittent’ images. Again I took these on board and decided to retake the image.

Picture 3 a) rough

Original ‘rough’

When considering whether to choose a new subject or whether to re-shoot the original image I decided to keep with the subject and to re-shoot it with the same composition in order that I could see exactly how the settings suggested by my tutor would change the image. As the pavement by the building is very narrow I felt it unfair (and dangerous) to make people walk in the road so was again unable to use a tripod to gain extra camera height. However I followed my tutor’s advice with regard to settings and consequently took a shot that was far more in focus than the original and which I am pleased with.

Replacement 'rough'

Replacement ‘rough’

Overall I was pleased with the feedback that I received for Assignment One. I felt that my tutor had taken the time to be both comprehensive and constructive in his review and had provided his feedback and suggestions for improvements in a very positive and encouraging manner.

These three replacement images are now included in my assessment submission.

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